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Why Buy Direct?

Why Buy Direct?

With the advent of mass-market digital storefronts such as iTunes and Amazon Music, it is oftentimes convenient to buy your favorite soundtracks on these services. However, the cost to convenience is fairly high for the artist: these services will indeed keep between 30% to 55% of the resale price the customer ends up paying!

While in most cases creating a film or TV score is in itself paid for through the original deal between a production company and the Composer, independently releasing a soundtrack album falls entirely on the Composer. Related costs will usually include album-specific editing and mixing, mastering, artwork creation, liner notes, and website updates and maintenance. Since the soundtrack-enthusiast market is quite small, releasing an album is usually a cost-negative proposition for most independent composers.

At Music by Jerome Leroy, you buy directly from the Composer himself — that means that the totality of your purchase (save for small store processing fees) goes to cover the cost of producing and releasing the soundtrack album you are buying. Leftover money, if any, will be used to advance the costs of releasing any potential upcoming scores.

Aside from supporting the Composer and independent film score releases in general, there are other benefits to buying direct on Music by Jerome Leroy, such as:

  • Prices are typically 10 to 20% lower than on the other stores
  • All albums are available in uncompressed, high definition format
  • Our files are DRM-free (and always will be) — you own the music you buy and can transfer it to as many of your devices as you wish. No account, no password, and no device-limited licences
  • Our releases include high-resolution artwork and a PDF booklet as separate files
  • You will join the Music by Jerome Leroy exclusive newsletter, announcing new releases, periodic sales, and member-only discounts
  • Music by Jerome Leroy will also feature exclusive content not available on any other mass-audience store or service.