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Hanami (Original Soundtrack)

Jerome Leroy's score to "Hanami", the animated short from Amanda Tolentino and Ashley Domondon of the School of Visual Arts in New York. Preview and download now the single in Digital HD!

Hanami (Original Soundtrack)

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HANAMI is a 2016 animation short film produced and directed by Ashley Domondon and Amanda Tolentino at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

The film tells the heartbreaking story of mother whose daughter recently passed away and take the audience through her journey of loss and acceptance. The visuals strike a balance between the innocence of childhood and the simple joys in life through colorful minimalistic design and animation.  The score, primarily written for solo piano, winds and orchestra follows that concept and the various emotions portrayed in the film. The soloists were recorded in by in Los Angeles and the strings were performed by the Budapest Film Orchestra

Purchase include both high and low definition files (WAV + MP3) and high resolution cover art!

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Our film focused on a touchy subject and we understood the difficulty of visually conveying it in a beautiful way. However, because there was little dialogue, stimulating our audience’s auditory senses was just as important but twice the challenge. Jerome engaged himself so much to build a strong bridge between our film and the audience’s hearts. He meticulously considered each scene and created a score that constantly submerged us into a deeper level of emotion. We could not have had anyone else as exceptionally talented and diligent as Jerome in conveying the sentimental essence of Hanami.
— Amanda Tolentino & Ashley Domondon


At SVA Computer Art we produce over sixty short films and animations each year. The first challenge of a short film is to strike a chord with the viewer quickly then enforce the emotions of the film. Jerome Leroy has contributed to the very best of our films with his patience and professionalism. He has the ability to underscore a film’s brightest and darkest moments while providing the thematic continuity it requires.
— John McIntosh, Chair, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and VFX, School of Visual Arts, New York



Strings performed by

Session Supervisor

Recording Engineer

Pro Tools Editor

Recording Producer

Score Mixed by

Mixed at

Score Produced by

Mastered by

Album Art Direction by

The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra

Balint Sapszon

Gabor Bucko

Miklos Lukacs

Miklos Lukacs Jr.

Guillermo Marin

RED57 Studios, Burbank, CA

Jerome Leroy

Patricia Sullivan, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

Javier Burgos



Thanks to Perrine and Joachim; Amanda and Ashley; John McIntosh, Jimmy Calhoun, and the Computer Art Department staff at the School of Visual Arts in New York; Balint Sapszon and all the musicians involved in creating this score; Guillermo Marin; and James Jamail and Pat Sullivan.