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Golden Hour

Jerome Leroy's score to "Golden Hour", the animated short directed by Patricia Garcia. Preview and download now the single in Digital HD!

Golden Hour (Original Soundtrack)

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GOLDEN HOUR is a 2016 animation short film produced and directed by Patricia Garcia. Through wonderful use of a lush and warm color palette, the film depicts the end of a summer day in the life of a few friends, who gather fresh cooking ingredients during the evening golden hour. It is a beautiful, magical, and eerie odd to nature; and also a down-to-earth, folkish, and simple depiction of life's little pleasures.

The score was written primarily for acoustic guitar solo, and features various accompanying instruments, such as a trio of nylon guitars, bass guitar, piano, celesta, light percussion (shakers, tambourines, crotales) and...whistling. All players were recorded live in Los Angeles.

Purchase include both high and low definition files (WAV + MP3) and high resolution cover art!

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Recorded at

Score Mixed by

Mixed at

Score Produced by

Mastered by

Album Art Direction by

Robert Irving Studios, Woodland Hills, CA
and Visual Sounds & Music, Los Angeles, CA

Guillermo Marin

RED57 Studios, Burbank, CA

Jerome Leroy

Patricia Sullivan, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

Javier Burgos



Thanks to Perrine, Joachim and Alice; Pat G.; the wonderful musicians who brought their artistry, heart, and soul to this score; Guillermo Marin; and Jack Doutt and Pat Sullivan at BGM.