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Charlie's Supersonic Glider

Jerome Leroy's original score to "Charlie's Supersonic Glider". Preview and download now in Digital HD!

Charlie's Supersonic Glider (Original Soundtrack)

$4.90 (Why buy Direct?)

Charlie’s is a cruel world. As a baby, he was the only survivor of a horrible car wreck that killed his mother. His Father – once a hero, now an angry drunk – has blamed Charlie ever since. This film depicts the dynamic contrast between a very real, very brutal Father/Son relationship, and the wondrous and beautiful world that exists within a little boy’s imagination.

Director Kate Maberly was adamant her coming-of-age story had to feature the orchestra in all its glory. The lead character might be a young boy, but his personal story and struggles are bigger than life. The score had to portray grandeur, ingenuity, curiosity, and hope, while at the same time convey the innocence of childhood. To that extent, it features haunting trumpet solos as well as bigger than life piano solos. Mechanical elements such as clocks, mallet instruments, and metallic percussions underscore the boy's passion for everything technical. The orchestra was recorded in Macedonia, with the FAME'S Project. 

Purchase include both high and low definition files (WAV + MP3) and high resolution cover art!






Trumpet Solos Performed by

Piano Performed by

Strings Performed by


Recording Engineer

Pro Tools Engineer

Stage Managers

Score Mixer

Mixed at

Scoring Assistants

Score Produced by

Mastered by

Album Art Direction

Niv Toar

Jerome Leroy

The Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra
F.A.M.E.'s Project, Skopje (Macedonia)

Oleg Kondratenko

Giorgi Hristovski

Boban Apostolov

Riste Trajkovski
Evtim Ristov

Matt Ward

Momentum RLP Studios, Santa Monica, CA

Justin Thompson
Mary Webster

Jerome Leroy

Patricia Sullivan, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

Javier Burgos Gasco


HD + MP3
Includes Cover Art


Thanks to Kate Maberly, David Lugliani, Pascal Guyon, and Sarah Kovacs; Aude Nassieu Maupas, Laurent Kopitz, Niv Toar, and all the musicians involved in creating this score; the tireless Momentum support team; and Jack Doutt and Pat Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering. With utmost gratitude to Jean-Baptiste, Perrine and Joachim.